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Welcome to my blog. I document amazing woman in and around Buffalo NY and feature their stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and everything in between! #buffalobossbabes

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Buffalo Boss Babe: Michele Ogden

Buffalo Boss Babe: Michele Ogden

Todays Buffalo Boss Babe is Michele Ogden the owner and chocolatier behind the amazing buffalo based chocolate company - Whimsy Confections. Her chocolate is amazing but her personality is even more amazing! We chatted with Michele about the sweet stuff in life!

Photo by @gabriellejeanelle

Photo by @gabriellejeanelle

What made you start or brought you where you are today ? Tell us your Story. What makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe? 

I was living in DC and running a dessert catering business Posh Pastries. One day I read an article in Essence Magazine about a woman chocolatier in Chicago. Her story really inspired me to train to become a chocolatier. I'm an artist with a degree in Film & Documentary production. Making artisan chocolate is my true passion in life. Nothing brings me joy the way making chocolate does. I've always known I'd be an entrepreneur. Whimsy Confections is my dream and it will be my legacy.

What does being a Buffalo Boss Babe mean to you? 

Lifting up and supporting other women! Being an entrepreneur is hard work and can be emotionally draining. We need each other!!!

Photo by @artiswhy

Photo by @artiswhy

Who are your favorite people to follow ? 

Buffalo Boss Babes of course!!! Jaclyn A Chocolate. She's a local chocolatier and I love her chocolate she I think she's an amazing woman. Alyson from Rust Belt Love, Lucy (goldenbrowndelicious) pastry chef at Public Espresso, BUTTER BLOCK because Colleen is my shero! The ladies at Buffalo Barkery, Lisa at Daisy's Doghouse, Novi at Sasmita Batik, Lara Superstartini, she is beautiful and my Muse! Nickel City Pretty. Those are my favorite local boss babes. Nationally I love Harumo Sato, Susanna Yoon from Stick With Me Sweets, Bon Vivant Cakes in Chicago, her IG Stories are great and she's also my muse!

Photo by Newell Nussbaumer

Photo by Newell Nussbaumer

What are your favorite things to do in the area ? Buffalo and greater WNY

I don't have a lot of actual down time to do fun things but when I do I enjoy taking my fur babies to the dog park and hiking. Wine & Wags and other fun events and fundraisers for animals. Sheas, Ujima and Shakespeare in the Park for plays & musicals. I definitely love going to concerts and outdoor music events!!! I always go to Babel literary event and UB's distinguished speaker series.I also love going to Pride Festival, Dining Out for Life and AIDS Walk.

Photo by @rustbeltlove

Photo by @rustbeltlove

Tell us about your favorite collaboration or dream collaborations ? 

My favorite collaboration with a Boss Babe is with Alyson from Rust Belt Love. She did the illustration for our Box/Packaging for the Dream Collection which is our staple collection. It has a unicorn, mermaid and of course a rainbow! I would love to collaborate with Lily and Grey (who I also love to follow) on some fun subscription boxes with a little whimsy inside. I'd also love one with Colleen (butter block) Jaclyn A (chocolate) and Paula (paradise wine) for a women's chocolate and wine tasting event with proceeds benefiting an organization for women. I'd love to collaborate with a talented photographer for my cookbook!

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be? 

Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Ellen or Beyonce. Who can really choose!

What are your hopes, dreams, goals. Big or small? 

To open a space with production and retail. Expand our product line and be featured in a national magazine. Also I'm writing a cookbook.

Photo by @alanadetolarts_photography

Photo by @alanadetolarts_photography

Tell us about your family? 

I live on the West Side with my partner Barbara and our fur babies Foxie Rose and Jagger Valentine. My mom lives downstairs, she is one of my biggest supporters. The rest of my family lives outside of Buffalo although my friends are family to me. They support me and I love them so much, they're my tribe!!!

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Feel Good Favorites!


Chocolate, French Macarons and Wine!

Color: *


Super Power: *

Radical Positivity

Animal : *


Season of the year: *


Favorite thing about Buffalo: *

Pizza & Wings

When you meet Michele i promise you will smile because her smile is contagious! You can follow along with her life and business over on IG @whimsyconfections36 or on Facebook

Until next time babes!



Feature Photo by Photo by @alanadetolarts_photography

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