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Buffalo Boss Babe: Therese Deutschlander

Buffalo Boss Babe: Therese Deutschlander

Today’s Buffalo Boss Babe is Therese Deutschlander the owner of Thin Ice! We chatted with Therese about Business and what it means to be a Boss Babes! Check out her answers below.


What made you start or brought you where you are today ? Tell us your Story. What makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe? 

I've always loved customer service for the connection I can have with people. On a day to day basis I like making people feel like they matter. In 2006 there were a number of retail businesses closing but none were for lack of business so I decided to quit my job and open up my own store (Thin Ice). I had retail experience both on a corporate level as well as on Elmwood and knew I wanted to put my own spin on things, which was selling the work of local artists.


What does being a Buffalo Boss Babe mean to you? 

Being a Buffalo Boss Babe means empowering those around me. It means thinking of this community first and as a whole. I have so much gratitude for the neighbors, artists and friends who believe in Thin Ice and in Buffalo and who understand the importance of supporting their own neighborhood and community. Being a Buffalo Boss Babe means being grateful.

Who are your favorite people to follow ? 

I love to follow my artists to see what they're working on and I love to follow the other businesses on Elmwood so I can obnoxiously like and comment on all their posts in the hopes of driving traffic to them.


What are your favorite things to do in the area ?

Eating and hiking. Not necessarily in that order. I love checking out all the new restaurants and supporting all the new businesses and when weather permits I love going on hikes. We have so many beautiful, hidden gems in WNY.

Tell us about your favorite collaboration or dream collaborations ? 

I love connecting my artists with my customers. Oftentimes my artists are in the store visiting me and if a customer walks in who recently purchased something by the artist who happens to be visiting, I love connecting them and then stepping back. It shows the artist how great they are and they really feel appreciated and it shows the customer how directly their support of my store supports the local community. It's just a win win all around.

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be? 

My grandfather. I knew him well enough to know he was a great man but I wasn't old enough to appreciate how great he was in business as well as at home. He owned a business and people still to this day talk about how great he was to work with. I'd like to buy him a coffee to talk business and relations so that I can one day follow in his footsteps. The way you treat people and how you leave them feeling is all that matters.

What are your hopes, dreams, goals. Big or small? 

I wish to have a more thriving internet business because my artists are so amazing that I believe I owe them more than to just sell their work in my store in Buffalo, NY. I want the whole world to experience how great they are and to appreciate their talents. The more people I can reach on their behalf the more successful they will be and they deserve that success.

Tell us about your family? 

My parents and brother live in Lancaster, NY. We are an extremely close family in that we all just really get each other. I don't see everyone as much as I would like but we all touch base and check in and support each other. They are an incredible family and I feel extremely lucky to go through this life with them.


Food:Pasta and cheese

Color: Magenta

Super Power: Super positive and really high energy

Animal : Cats but don't tell my pet tarantula

Season of the year: fall

Favorite thing about Buffalo: the people

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Until next time babes!

xo Carrie

All photos in this feature by Johanna Dominguez,

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