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Welcome to my blog. I document amazing woman in and around Buffalo NY and feature their stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and everything in between! #buffalobossbabes

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Buffalo Boss Babe: Julia Hardick

Buffalo Boss Babe: Julia Hardick

This week’s Buffalo Boss Babe is Julia Hardick of VintageChameleon. At the tender age of 15, Julia knew she had to create clothing that fit her style because she couldn’t find it in stores. As a child of entrepreneurs, she recognized a business opportunity, made more clothes, created a website and voila! VintageChameleon was born.


What made you start or brought you where you are today ? Tell us your Story. What makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe?

I couldn't picture myself anywhere else today. I love what I do and I hope my business takes me very far in life! My brand is solely based on positivity and good vibes and it makes me feel really great that I am spreading happiness with my business. 80% of what I sell is made from recycled items as well so I am also helping the environment! I'm a boss babe because I have my own clothing company!

What does being a Buffalo Boss Babe mean to you?

Being a Buffalo Boss Babe is an honor. The community of women owned businesses in Buffalo is so powerful and I am so happy to be a part of this ever evolving industry.

Who are your favorite people to follow ?

Buffalo people- Rootandbloom, MuseJar, LotiHennaStudios.

Non Buffalo- Yoga Girl, Jamies Jungle, Kristin Bell.

What are your favorite things to do in the area ? Buffalo and greater WNY

I am such a foodie so I LOVE trying every new restaurant. I also love plant shopping and being outdoors. In the summer you can find me exploring any beach! Chimney Bluffs right outside of Buffalo is beautiful.


Tell us about your favorite collaboration or dream collaborations?

I'd love to collaborate with a large sustainable/ eco friendly company. I try to incorporate as much recycled material into my creations as I can; it'd be so beneficial to learn from the pros about sustainability in the clothing industry.

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Will Smith. He is so down to earth and I love everything he preaches. Not to mention he's an amazing actor and is HILARIOUS.

What are your hopes, dreams, goals. Big or small?

My 5 year goal is to have a warehouse full of employees and to have a huge conference table where we have weekly meetings.


Tell us about your family?

My family is amazing! My parents both have their own businesses so they have pretty much taught me everything i've ever needed to know. They're so supportive and are both hilarious and i'm really close with them. I also have an older sister who lives in florida who also went to school for business and a younger brother who is basically my twin. I also have two dogs which are my LIFE and of course my boyfriend of 9 years who supports everything I do.


Color: Blue

Food: Bread, smoothies, carbs

Superpower: To Fly

Animal: Lizard

Season: Summer

Thing About Buffalo: There is so much to do! And our summers are amazing.

Isn’t she inspiring?! We’ve had the honor to feature Julia as well as have her as a speaker on our speaker panel. She’s living proof that it doesn’t matter your age - young or older, if you have a dream, chase it and that’s what makes you a BUFFALO BOSS BABE.

Follow Julia and VintageChameleon @vintagechameleon on social media.

Xo. - M

Buffalo Boss Babe: Marie Pazych

Buffalo Boss Babe: Marie Pazych