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Welcome to my blog. I document amazing woman in and around Buffalo NY and feature their stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and everything in between! #buffalobossbabes

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Buffalo Boss Babe: Susan + Ciara Morreale

Buffalo Boss Babe: Susan + Ciara Morreale

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

Today’s Buffalo Boss Babes are Buffalo’s sweetest mother daughter combo, Susan and Ciara Morreale. Sue and Ciara use their space, Her Sanctuary on Hertel Ave, to celebrate women of Buffalo and their stories. Heck yes! Read below for more on these empowering boss babes <3

What made you start or brought you where you are today? Tell us your Story. What makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe?

Sue: I was a nurse and I always loved helping people. After I had my daughter I wanted the freedom to spending more time with her and being my own boss. I wanted to help people in a way that fit into my lifestyle as well. I have always believed in nurturing your mind, your body and your soul. I was able to create a business that allowed me to bring Ciara to work while showing her what it takes to be a strong woman and entrepreneur. I created a space that not only carry products that I love but the products my daughter loved as well and we infused them together to create a very unique shopping experience and a great following of women.

Ciara: I have grown up watching them both create successful businesses and relationships -- all while navigating the twists and turns. Honestly, from a very young age, I knew I wanted to be in this business. I never really knew anything else, it was just second nature for me. They taught me that even though it is a lot of hard work, that it is possible to create the life you want. Seeing them face the struggles that come along with it taught me that even though sometimes business is tough, at the end of the day, you can rely on your own hard work to get you where you want to be.

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

What does being a Buffalo Boss Babe mean to you?

Sue: Being a Buffalo Boss babe is designing a line of jewelry that not only helps to empower and inspire women, but also remind women that they are truly amazing, and that we all have a story to tell. Running a business that not only provides a beautiful home for our jewelry line, but offers a beautiful space where we can share other womens gifts and stories, while providing a space for them to grow and follow their dreams.

Ciara: Being a Buffalo Boss Babe to me is all about supporting each other. We are all in this together, and there is enough to go around for everyone. We can go farther together than we can on our own.

Who are your favorite people to follow ?

Sue: I love to follow @womankindpodcast, which was started by an amazing woman, Kelsey Novits. She shares women’s stories from all over and it inspires me to see all the great things women are doing. I love to listen and read anything by @crazysexykris - she is my guru. I Love that we offer 2 magazine publications by two different women in our community about healthy living and healthy eating. @BuffaloHealthyLiving which is great to see all the newest health news around town. @EdibleWesternNY which showcases all the great local foodies and farmers markets. I believe that our food is our medicine so anything on I can get my hands on that inspires me to living a healthier life.

Ciara: I love to follow other women-owned business owners + entrepreneurs -- they have so many wonderful and unique things to offer, and really inspire us to keep going. We love our local ladies @spokeanddaggerco, @shopsvanur, @laurelflynn, @crownhillfarmny, @tedashbydash -- so many more! And women doing really amazing things across the country - @eatchic @hatchedcollective @crazysexykris.

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

What are your favorite things to do in the area ? Buffalo and greater WNY

Sue: I love to walk around Hoyt lake in the early mornings -- I love the peace and beauty. I love to spend time with friends at so many of the great restaurants!

Ciara: I love to explore the food + drink scene here in Buffalo -- there are so many amazing places popping up all the time - all with such wonderful things to offer. I love trying new wines at The Little Club, or eating produce from the local farms at Elm Street Buffalo - whenever I have a chance I try somewhere new.

Tell us about your favorite collaboration or dream collaborations ?

We would love to collaborate with ABC Carpet -- we always dreamed of having our jewelry line in their space, but we would love to collaborate with them in any way. Their aesthetic is very similar to ours and we think it would be a perfect pairing!

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Sue: My sis -- I lost her to breast cancer + I miss our long conversations drinking tea or dandelion coffee. Ciara: I would love to sit in my grandmothers garden out in the country with my family, and just relax + be present. It isn't often that my mom and I get to do that, and we savor the moments when they happen.

What are your hopes, dreams, goals. Big or small?

Sue: I would love to sit on the couch with Oprah for her soulful Sundays, talking about life. I also would love to see our Strong Woman collection grow to be everywhere - healing, empowering + inspiring women.

Ciara: I hope to see Her Story + Her Sanctuary keep growing. I see it incorporating all aspects of life -- particularly food. My mom knows so much about healthy eating and what foods are medicine -- my dream is to combine two of our passions in a way thats totally new for Buffalo.

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

photo - Cheryl Gorskio

Tell us about your family?

Sue: I love my family. I grew up in the country surrounded by my aunts, uncles + cousins. We spent our summers outside together like they were never going to end. We continued to stay close through the years and it taught me how family is everything. I had two sisters growing up - my parents showed us that life is precious and spending time with those you love is so important.

Ciara: I am an only child - so I am very close with both of my parents. My mom is my best friend. But my extended family is also very close. My second cousins, my moms cousins, my great aunts and uncles --- we see each other on a regular basis, and support each other all the time. Family traditions are also very important to us -- we have Sunday dinners ever week at my grandmothers. It is my favorite day of the week. I feel very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by so many people who love me.



Sue: Wheatgrass! Ciara: Any fresh Veggies from the Garden


Sue: Blue Ciara: Green

Super Power:

Sue: Building Relationships Ciara: Multi-tasking

Animal :

Both: Dog

Season of the year:

Both: Summer

Favorite thing about Buffalo:

The amazing community of women that support one another.

Keep up with Sue and Ciara on Instagram and Facebook @herstorybuffalo @hersanctuarybuffalo

‘til next time babes. xoxo!


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