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Welcome to my blog. I document amazing woman in and around Buffalo NY and feature their stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and everything in between! #buffalobossbabes

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Buffalo Boss Babe: Rebecca Sedia

Buffalo Boss Babe: Rebecca Sedia

Today's Buffalo Boss Babes is Rebecca Sedia owner of online Etsy shop Scarlett of Eden. She started her shop while she was pregnant with her first baby and turned her hobby into a side business. We chatted with Rebecca about how she got started and more! 


What made you start or brought you to where you are today? Tell us your story and what makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe.  

I have always dreamed of owning my own jewelry business  and while pregnant with my daughter earlier this year I was looking for a creative outlet and something to keep me busy. 

I wanted my items to be unique and completely my own. I started researching and found polymer clay and all the different colors and options and began rolling my own beads to try out and just wear myself.  From there I fell in love with the process, finding it very relaxing and therapeutic and loved seeing my ideas come to life.

Who are your favorite people to follow?

Any positive and inspirational people! I also love funny accounts and fashion bloggers. My 2 long time favorites are @mommainflipflops and @ashleysmithfitness and a local favorite is @nothing2wearbuffalo 


What are your favorite things to do in the area (Buffalo and greater WNY)?

I love my other job of a mental health counselor in a local pediatric office. I also love to walk the city, ski (when I had the time) and enjoy our beautiful and ever changing weather. Watching this city grow and expand is so exciting and inspiring!


Tell me about your favorite collaborations or a dream collaboration? 

I have already made some great friends locally and on social media by doing collaborations and giveaways etc. and it's been so much fun!  My favorites have been @nothing2wearbuffalo and  @mommainflipflops

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Robin Williams if he were still alive. 


What are your hopes, dreams, goals? Big or Small. 

Continue to create and expand and eventually be featured in local stores and even open my own store with all hand made items created by me!

Tell us about your family a bit  ( 2 or 4 legged ) ?

My  family is everything to me. My husband Louis and I recently had a baby girl,  Scarlett Eden and of course our Italian greyhound Zack Morris. I'm also super close with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my 2 adorable nieces, they are my favorite people and we have the best time together. 

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 Feel Good Five :)

Color:  pink or mint

Food: pasta and sauce 

Super Power: silently teleport out of the room once I finally get my sweet Scarlett to sleep.  

Animal:  Italian greyhound of course

Season of the year:  winter

You can check out all the cuteness in rebeccas shop

or follow her on social at scarlett of eden <3 


Until next time babes! 

Buffalo Boss Babes is a woman run blog series featuring women in and around the city of Buffalo N.Y.

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Here's to strong women! May we know them. May we be them

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