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Buffalo Boss Babe: Alyssa Sumers

Buffalo Boss Babe: Alyssa Sumers


Today's Buffalo Boss Babe is Alyssa Sumers General Manager of Osteria 166 and Occasions Catering! Alyssa is the pure definition of a boss babe that worked her way up from the bottom! We chatted with Alyssa bout her family, where she started and some oh so good food! 

 Photo by Lovern Photography. 

 Photo by Lovern Photography. 


What made you start or brought you to where you are today? Tell us your story and what makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe. 

I have always had a passion for learning new things to help me grow as a person and have always been naturally a Chatty Cathy hehe. Growing up in a Puerto Rican family my life revolved around food. You celebrate with food, sad? eat food, you look hungry here’s some food. Everything revolved around what we were eating so why not grow up and be around what I know food!

Being in the restaurant business you get to meet every kind of person from near, far, nice, mean, happy, sad and one thing that brings everyone together is great food. You always have something in common since everyone has to eat. I pride myself in working in a place that not only has amazing food but even more amazing people! I truly care for the people I work with. My staff makes my day go by either good or bad, but we always get through it together. Being that I started from the bottom position in a restaurant and worked my way up gives me a ton more respect for my staff and helps me know exactly what they need to get by that much easier.

I have always been in food and beverage. I started with the owner (Nick Pitillo) of Osteria when I was 19 doing catering events then became the busser, hostess, server then Catering Manager, Floor Manager and now I am his General Manager and soon to be Director of Operations for the whole company. I have learned basically everything about the restaurant business from Nick. We have worked together for 12 years and I have worked all front of house positions for him. I have most of what I know professional from him. He gave me the chance to grow his restaurant, then run it while he started to expand his business, I could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to not only work for someone so passionate about the business and know so much, but to lead the team we have to make it to where we are. He has pushed me to do things I never thought I could do professionally. We have created a street festival called Meatball Street Brawl with all of the local Italian restaurants throw down their best meatballs to see who is the best in town while raising money for different local charities. This I believe has been my greatest professional achievement all because Nick believed that I could make his vision a reality and we did!

I believe I am a Buffalo Boss Babe because not only are we a local restaurant that supports other local businesses, but I stand hand in hand with my staff to help make our restaurant and community great! I love where I am from and what I do. I couldn’t ask for a better job and team.



Who are your favorite people to follow?

I like to follow local breweries, other local restaurants and anything with dogs or puppies!


What are your favorite things to do in the Buffalo area?

Honestly, going out to eat at new restaurants and outdoor activities. I grew up in Niagara Falls so I love to walk the gorge, the bridal falls is my favorite and most calming place on earth to me. Outdoor concerts are probably my favorite.


Tell me about your favorite collaborations or a dream collaboration?

One of my favorite things to do is feeding the folks at the mission. Each Christmas we get our staff and donate toys, clothes, coats etc and our chefs put together a Christmas dinner and on Christmas eve morning we usually go to the city mission and feed those in need. My whole life revolves around food and I feel bad for those without because I know the feeling I get when I eat something good so helping the less fortunate and seeing the look on their face makes me happy. Last year Deep South Taco came and helped us feed them as well which is always nice to have others join in.

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Maya Angelou. She’s so inspiring and her poetry just moves me.


What are your hopes, dreams, goals? Big or Small. 

I plan on having my own family one day and plan on being a working mom that loves her job and her family.

Tell us about your family a bit ? 

I have been married for 4 years this may and we have 3 GIANT babies (dogs) and a crazy cat that thinks she’s one of the dogs.



 Feel Good Five :)

Color: Purple

Food: Anything from Grandma Marrero

Super Power:  Mind reading

Animal: DOGS and Koalas

Season of the year: Summer Time



Be sure to head over to Osteria 166 & say hey to this awesome Boss Babe! They are located at 166 FRANKLIN STREET and are open MONDAY-THURSDAY 11AM-10PMβ€’FRIDAY 11AM-11PMβ€’SATURDAY 5PM-11PMβ€’CLOSED SUNDAYS. You can also check them out for local restaurant week they have a pretty stellar menu happening :) We cant wait to see what the future has in store for Alyssa! 

Until next time babes! 

* All photos in the blog were taken by fellow Buffalo Boss Babe Alison Lovern of Lovern Photography. 

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