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Welcome to my blog. I document amazing woman in and around Buffalo NY and feature their stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and everything in between! #buffalobossbabes

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Buffalo Boss Babe:  Marisa Battaglia

Buffalo Boss Babe: Marisa Battaglia

Todays Buffalo Boss Babe is Marisa Battaglia the owner behind B Sweet Designs. B sweet Designs is a dessert company based in Western New York, they specialize in creating custom dessert tables for weddings and special events. We’ll work with you to design your dream dessert table, and the best part – we provide everything you’ll need to really WOW your guests, including the desserts, candy, serveware, themed décor, even setup and tear down! We chatted with Marisa about how she got started and boss babe life.

Photo by Ayers Photography

Photo by Ayers Photography

What made you start or brought you where you are today ? Tell us your Story. What makes you a Buffalo Boss Babe? 

When my husband and I were planning our destination wedding, we decided to surprise our guests with a very intricate dessert table. That was three years ago, and to this day, our guests still talk about it! I realized after our wedding that I needed to bring this concept to our hometown, Buffalo. My background is in Marketing and Design and after working in a corporate environment for several years, I decided it was time to take the plunge, start my own business and see what happened! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Photo by Ollyview PHotography

Photo by Ollyview PHotography

What does being a Buffalo Boss Babe mean to you? 

What an incredible honor to be considered a "Buffalo Boss Babe." I have the pleasure of knowing and working with some of the most fiercely talented and hard-working "boss babes" all across this city, and it is so inspiring to see them overcome obstacles and push every single day towards making their dreams come true. And I think being a Buffalo Boss Babe is just that... it's about empowering other women to take that leap of faith and go after their dreams. We should support one another and encourage each other along the way. I really do believe that if you put yourself out there, and you wholeheartedly believe in yourself, something extraordinary will happen. It may not always look exactly as you had imagined it to look, but if it's in your heart and you want it badly enough, I say go for it. I left a steady corporate career, took a huge risk, and I couldn't be happier. It means everything to me that I get to be creative and use my passion for dessert and design to make dreams come true for my brides, grooms and clients.

Who are your favorite people to follow ? 

There are so many talented people out there, but if I had to choose, locally, I love following @rustbeltlove & @prettysugarco for their insane illustration & calligraphy skills. I have such an appreciation for their craft and everything they touch turns to gold! I'm also super inspired by some dessert designers around the world, including @nectarandstone in Australia for her whimsical dessert designs & @theprettysugarcakecompany in the UK, her sugar flowers are absolute perfection!

Photo by Lindsey Robinson Photography

Photo by Lindsey Robinson Photography

What are your favorite things to do in the area ? Buffalo and greater WNY

One of my favorite things to do in Buffalo is brunch! (That can be a verb, right?!) We have the most incredible brunch spots in and around this city! But even though I'm a city girl, my husband and I really love to camp! There are some beautiful places not too far from the city that are absolutely breathtaking. It's a great way for us to get out of the hustle and bustle and clear our heads, which actually tends to inspire me and help me create!

Tell us about your favorite collaboration or dream collaborations ? 

I worked on a wedding in the Adirondacks last year with Alyson from Rust Belt Love and it was literally a dream come was actually just featured in the Fall 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine! She created a custom backdrop with hand drawn eucalyptus and the couple's logo on it for the dessert table we designed, and I will forever be in love. I also love working with florists (some local favs are William's Florist, Flowers by Nature and Wild Blossom Hollow) to add florals to the dessert table. I have a mild obsession with flowers and greenery, especially big blooms like garden roses, so anytime we can add a little texture and softness to the dessert table, I say "yes, please!"


If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be? 

Robin Williams. I grew up watching his movies and to this day, they are some of my favorites. I just love how one second he can have you laughing hysterically and then another, turn around and pull at your heart strings!

What are your hopes, dreams, goals. Big or small? 

I honestly feel like I'm working towards my dreams every day with B Sweet Designs. I want to continue growing this beautiful little business and see where it takes me! Never would I have imagined three years ago that I'd be where I am today, but it just goes to show that if you follow and believe in your dreams, they can become a reality. Also, I've been itching to spend some time in Prague, Budapest, Singapore and Marrakech. We love to travel and those are on our bucket list for sure!

megan dailor photography

megan dailor photography

Tell us about your family? *

I am married to the love of my life, Sam. It's because of him that I believe in love!

Feel Good Favorites

Color: Blush

Super Power: The power to heal

Animal : Turtle

Season of the year: Fall

Favorite thing about Buffalo: The people!

Be sure to follow along with marisa’s beautiful creations you can follow her on Instagram & Twitter: @b_sweetdesigns, Facebook & Pinterest: @bsweetdesigns.

until next time babes



Buffalo Boss Babes is a woman run blog series featuring women in and around the city of Buffalo N.Y.

Buffalo Boss Babe:  Vanessa Fermani

Buffalo Boss Babe: Vanessa Fermani

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